Daniela Villanueva Beltran


It is our pleasure to announce the name of the winner of the AQEFLE Bursary for 2017, Mrs Daniela Villanueva Beltran. Daniela is from Mexico City.

Mrs Villanueva Beltran will be able to use her bursary valued at CAN $ 2,000 by enrolling in one of the courses or programs offered by the 3 universities and 5 colleges member of AQEFLE, located in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

In 2018, AQEFLE will once again be offering a bursary valued at CAN$ 2000. The draw will take place on December 3, 2018. To participate in the draw, go the AQEFLE’s home page before November 30, 2018 and sign up.

The members of AQEFLE would like to congratulate Mrs Villanueva Beltran and wish her much success in his study of French as a foreign language.